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Gender-based Violence

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One of the most proactive and engaged areas of feminist and women's activism in African contexts involves gender-based violence. There are diverse layers of this activism - legal advocacy and reform, the establishment of organizations offering support, resources, and education, the establishment of shelters for abused women and children, educational campaigns, movement building, trainings for police and judicial officers, provision of medical resources, marches and demonstrations, research on the links between gender-based violence and many other issues (such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, and conflict).

Across the continent, this activism forms one of the richest resources of experience on what it means to tackle patriarchies, social and economic injustice, and on how to describe and analyse daily realities of brutality, state indifference, and community-based tolerances for particular forms of abuse, usually targeted at women and girls.

For further reading, please go to Feminist Africa, Issue 14, 2010 "Rethinking Gender and Violence" here.
Sexual Cultures : Feminist Africa 5, 2005 will also have articles of use.

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