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Feminist Africa Issue 14. 2010: Rethinking Gender and Violence

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Issue 14.2010 - Rethinking Gender and Violence - view entire journal

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Editorial: Rethinking Gender and Violence
– by Jane Bennett

Sexual Violence in Conflict: a Problematic International Discourse
– by Eve Ayiera

"Circles and circles": Notes on African feminist debates around gender and violence in the c21
– by Jane Bennett

Domestic Violence in the African North
– by Fatima Sadiqi

Women's Activism and Transformation: Arising from the Cusp
– by Anu Pillay

"Murderous women"? Rethinking gender and theories of violence
– by Adelene Africa

In Conversation Godwin Murunga
Godwin Murunga, from the University of Kenyatta, talks with Jane Bennett about the politics of masculinities studies and African feminisms

In Conversation Yaliwe Clarke
Pauline Dempers, from Breaking the Walls of Silence, Namibia, talks with Yaliwe Clarke about some of her ideas on peace-building which are rooted in experiences as a ex-combatant in the Namibian liberation struggle

One of the very few places in the country without abuse: The Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children (Cape Town, South Africa)
– by Irma Maharaj

There is Hope…We are Not Giving Up : Freedom and Roam Uganda
– by Kasha Jacqueline

A situation analysis of the women survivors of the 1989-2003 armed conflict in Liberia – Isis WICCE in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender and Development in Liberia and the Women in Peacebuilding Network Program of the West Africa Network for Peace (WANEP). 2009
– by Vicky Karimi


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