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Jane Bennett

Jane Bennett is not young; she is racialized as white, lives as queer, loves as lesbian, usually votes EFF, is very close to some animals in her life, is hard to corral, and travels widely.  She has worked as a teacher, researcher, and activist in different areas of African feminist thought and practice for several decades. She is currently the Head of Gender Studies, in the School of African and Gender Studies, Anthropology and Linguistics at the University of Cape Town. She also holds the position of Director of Postgraduate Studies, in the Humanities Faculty and the job of (honorary) Professor of Gender Studies at the Nehanda Centre for Gender and Culture at Great Zimbabwe University. Recently, she has co-edited two books, “Jacketed Women: Qualitative Research Methodologies in Gender and Sexualities” (with Charmaine Pereira, &University of Cape Town Press) and “New Thinking in Gender and Sexualities Research in African Contexts” (with Sylvia Tamale and CODESRIA). She has authored “Porcupine”, a collection of short stories nominated for the Commonwealth Prize (Kwela Press), and many academic articles covering the terrain of sexual harassment, the politics of queer, gender-based violence, and African feminist epistemology. She works as activist and (sometimes) consultant with a wide range of NGOs, both on the continent and outside Africa.