AGI Staff

Helenard Louw

Helenard Louw  is a former staff member of the Gender studies department. He is an intersectional pro-feminist researcher. His research interests and lecturing content is rooted in the construction, embodiment, performance and representation of masculinities and disability among the coloured racial identity in South Africa. He has a background in Psychology, Organizational Psychology, and Gender Studies. He is a masters graduate in the Social Sciences, specialising in Gender Studies, at the University of Cape Town. In his master’s research study, he explored narratives and photo-stories on the impact of a spinal cord injury on coloured men living with paraplegia. He questions what happens when identities such as race, disability, and masculinity collide. His lecturing content and research are on principles of feminist research, fatherhood, intersectionality, Coloured masculinities in South Africa, gender performativity, and representation of disability.