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Religion and Feminism Research Theory and Methods: Graduate Training through Cohort Dissertation Writing

Whereas much decolonial scholarship focuses on the subject matter of the curriculum, this project focuses instead on the pedagogic practices of the higher education curriculum, namely the supervision practices in master’s and PhD dissertation research. The aims include a rethinking and redoing ways of teaching and learning at a graduate level and reimaging the supervisor-supervisee intellectual relationship.

Through the Cohort process students come together to build an intellectual community as they are guided through the dissertation writing process tracing milestones as a cohort of students accompanied by a cohort of supervisors. For students, the model is designed using an adult education model that relies on students’ prior knowledge and experiences to guide their learnings in the dissertation writing process. For supervisors, the model allows new supervisors to learn from the practices of experienced colleagues, and for the latter to learn from the insights of colleagues who are new to the supervision process. Between students and supervisors alike there is also a sharing of the technologies of research and knowledge making that enriches the entire cohort.

  • Masters Students
    • Andrea - “How does playing games function as a feminist method for teaching and learning?”
    • Dineil- “Going back to her roots: Exploring Coloured women’s experiences of their natural hair journey”.
    • Rifqah- “Women in the Mosques of South Africa: Gendered Presence and Participation”.
    • Gabo- “The study of gendered religious identity of African Muslim women in South Africa - How black convert Muslim women in Soweto negotiate marriage and divorce practices?”
    • Sayed Haroon Mahomed – Islamic Hermeneutics: Old Texts, New Interpretations
  • Honours Students
    • 2021
      • Suhail Kapdi
    • 2020
      • Thuli Mjwara
      • Zahirah Benjamin
      • Ilze Fourie 
    • 2019 
      • Esther Adewumi
      • Aqeelah Bray
      • Courtney Koopman
      • Henry Schumper
    • 2018
      • Andy
      • Dineil Jagger
      • Mtsetwene, Ndjaka